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Easton Gym


If you are looking for a gym that is experienced enough then the Easton Gym is the place to be. Having been opened in the year 1938, the gym has shaped the fitness dreams of many people in Los Angeles and they can do the same for you. The reason why the gym has managed to stay relevant for all those years is the dedication and the passion the instructors have towards the members.

Why Easton Gym instead of Tera’s gym?

With the different classes and services, this gym cannot go unnoticed. The gym has opened different branches in Manhattan and Hollywood so as to reach more people. Other factors that you may influence your decision include;

  • Trainers

The trainers in this gym have the knowledge and the experience to transform you body. They are also certified to operate as gym instructors. To most of the trainers, this is more than a job. They train with a purpose- to achieve and go beyond the set fitness goals.

  • Classes

There are different fitness classes and training sessions that you can choose from. The classes have been designed to cater for both your body and mind. They have the group fitness classes that you can choose to join. Most of the classes are taken in groups unless stated otherwise. The classes will include;

  • Yoga; perfect for the mind and body connection
  • Bootcamp; this is designed for those people who want to get fit and back to their target weight quickly.
  • Pilates; designed to help you improve your mental awareness, strength, flexibility and posture.
  • Body sculpting
  • Cardio kick boxing
  • Membership

There are different packages that are given by the gym. If you are interested in paying for the monthly package, you will have to pay the initiation fee and also the processing fee. They however have an offer; if two people join at the same time, the initiation fee will be cut off for $99 to $49. You may however avoid paying the initiation fee and the processing fee by joining the full membership. If you don’t like the membership packages, you can choose to pay daily or weekly depending on your preference. The gym operates on weekdays from 5am to 12 am and weekends from 7am to 10 pm.

  • Member services

Once you become a gym member, you will get access to a different number of services. The gym offers a complimentary health screening, sauna, group fitness classes, supplements and you will get access to the cardio equipment like Precor and lifeFitness. They also have a membership freeze option but it is for the full members only- the monthly and annual members.

  • The Mojo store

As a gym member, you will be able to enjoy the delicious smoothie and coffee from this store. The smoothies have been designed to help you replenish your nutrients and minerals after a workout. You can also enjoy a protein smoothie before you go in for the training. There are different types of drinks that you can take and all the drinks are freshly prepare at the store.

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