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Google plus for landscaping businesses


The greatest thing about Google plus is that it is selective. Unlike Facebook and twitter, Google plus ones brings together people of similar passions. If you are definite about what you want to talk about, this is the place where you can meet like minded people. This is especially true for landscaping business.

  • Since your landscape company will be interested in local clients, you will need to optimize your Google plus profile for local reference. As your circle increases people in your locality will come to know about your business and your location. This will help you to draw clients. In order to achieve this you should not forget to add your local address in the places lived section. You should also use plenty of locally appropriate keywords.
  • Since people are unlikely to travel hundreds of miles for a landscape company and in fact it will be more cost effective for you if you get local clients, it is necessary to connect with your local audience. Google plus provides excellent tools for this purpose. You should put all relevant information regarding the services you offer in your profile and then make it public so that it is visible to all. Moreover, you should add local Google plus users who are interested in any aspect of landscaping to your circle.

There are two important facts to remember while using Google plus for landscaping businesses. It will vastly improve your SEO ranking and it will help you become a part of local community. Since landscaping is very much a place bound business, Google plus will be invaluable for you. They can be purchased here

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