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Iam8bit- Music Venues and Art Gallery review


The Iam8bit in Los Angeles, California is the best place for musicians; music concerts and events are organized all over the country even in the big largest city or in each small area. With open options of concerts to showcase your talent, it might seem difficult to search the best floor to bring your music band and to gain the love from the audience. This is a big large music concert which accommodates 2500 seats for people and it runs by friendly people.

Top Best Iam8bit Music Concerts

Rainbow bar

The Rainbow Bar is the best West Hollywood’s most famous music club. The place located in the popular sunset strip boulevard. The earlier rainbow bar was well known for abuse, roll, and rock lifestyle that too in 80’s, but later on, they changed their domesticated venue into the quality of themed midnights and shows a chance for visiting cats and for local bands.

Bowery ballclub

One of the greatest comfortable music clubs to play sound on the east coast. The bowery ballclub offers the largest space for concerts to avoid the people sitting or watching in a congested way. The club is renowned for having the best finest artists and local bands to organize the venue. By this, they even received the compliments from popular American musicians. Being in this club room one can experience the unique way of playing the sound and the surrounding beautiful environment.

Live world café concerts

Especially for pop lovers, it’s the best world café live concerts in Philadelphia. This is well known for its quality of producing the music, and one can enjoy the pop scene in a calm atmosphere and decoration. They well known for helping the local music bands to showcase their talents, these live world café concerts are best to discover & be discovered.


Tipitinas music venue is famous for producing the music hub for blues and jazz. They showcase the artist’s talent many times in a week and with a special feature they owning dignity on the pavement on the place of the music club. Many best musical legends share the platform with another rising famous star at this Tipitinas unique music concert.

Any type of music style, if you like to listen or play, there is an always best club venue will be adapted just for you. Widen up your musical boundary or extent the people and start the marketing by stepping into one of these best venues one night; then your name and fame might come into sight in some other countries in future.

 Iam8bit Services

This is a creative production management that rejects to be categorized and having crafted different and unforgettable experiences for a color spectrum of brands such as Nintendo, Play station, HBO, MTV, Disney, capcom, Warner bros, interns cope, and countless others. With this iam8bit is now inventing many original IPs for the characteristic, digital distribution and for TV, also curetting a daily exhibition at Los Angeles-based art gallery. This iam8bit management is co-owned by Mr. Amanda white and Jon m. Gibson.

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