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Things to know while traveling to Nairobi

Kenya has become a hugely popular destination both for tourists and for the business community looking for Nairobi apartments for sale. The infrastructure of the country has also grown fast and connectivity has improved vastly. Nairobi, the capital city has experienced a boom in terms of passenger inflow. There are many different ways of traveling to Nairobi. These are as follows:

  • Nairobi is served by the Jomo Kenyatta International airport. It is the busiest airport in east Africa and is served by a number of airlines. Some of these are British Airways, Air France, Emirates, Lufthansa, Ethiad, Qatar, Turkish airlines etc. The Kenya Airways is the national airlines and direct flights are available to major cities of Europe, Asia and Africa.
  • You can also travel to Nairobi by train. Major Kenyan cities like Mombasa and Kisumu are well connected to the capital by train. There is also a very good train from the Ugandan capital of Kampala to Nairobi. Similarly, Malaba on the Uganda Kenya border is also connected to Nairobi by train.
  • Since the roads are good and well maintained, you can also travel to Nairobi by this method. Buses ply to many cities and towns of Kenya from Nairobi. There is excellent connectivity by bus with Uganda and Tanzania. You can also travel by matatu or small mini buses. They are cheap and frequently crowded by locals, but they are often the only means of transport available in certain areas and they do provide an authentic African experience.
  • You can also travel to Kenya by water. If you are arriving by boat, you will have to disembark at Mombasa or Lamu. Then you can travel to Nairobi by bus, train or by air.
  • You can travel within Nairobi and to other destinations of Kenya by car or taxi. You can rent a car with or without a chauffeur. This is an expensive but comfortable and interesting method of traveling to Nairobi. One of the greatest advantages of this method is you can thoroughly explore the countryside. If you are planning to drive yourself, you should be over 25 years of age, hold an international driving license or a carnet de passage which you should get before you go to Kenya.

If you are traveling to Nairobi by road or going from the airport to the hotel, do prepare for the traffic. The rush hour traffic can be manic and you can easily get stuck for two to three hours. It is also necessary to fix the fare of the taxis before you board one. Though they are reasonable, you should get it fixed beforehand. However, you should definitely try to catch a ride on a matatu once if only for the sake of unique experience.

It is also necessary to understand that traveling within Kenya and Nairobi may not always be on schedule. Road works often cause long delays. If you are planning a long tour, you should chalk out a rough itinerary beforehand. You can get very good prices of airlines if you plan ahead.

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